Entering into the world of technologies, you have surely heard about the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and many of the times you might have taken both the terms as same.

But, let us tell you that both the terms are different and you should know the difference between these two before adopting these technologies in your business.

Basic Definition of both the terms

The ability of machines to perform the tasks given or instructed is called artificial intelligence. AI came into existence when the humans could empower over machines to do their tasks. Robots and robotics are their achievements. With AI, not only robot devices, but any machine or gadget can perform the task to help humans. To make adept, the machines are programmed for performing a single action or an iterative and repetitive task.

Machine Learning, on the other hand, is the next step in artificial intelligence technology. Now the scientists are trying to make the machines more intelligent so that they can learn the things itself and perform the actions based on the programs feed, current situations and probably the futuristic conditions. This is going to be the greatest achievement so far.

The machine learning enables the machines to think like humans and work as the human neural structure does. It allows the computers and machines to think like a human to make the decisions as per the present conditions and decision theory that has fed into it without any human assistance.

Where can you apply Machine learning and AI concept?

The answer is everywhere as the human thinking reaches. The possibilities of ML and AI, its implementation are now endless. Not to be surprised, machine learning can reach beyond the human thinking and perception level. An imagination beyond the human imagination is machine learning.

It can examine a large number of feedbacks of the users and can come to the results whether the person is happy or not. It can filter the spam mail from your inbox and even suggest your favourite songs and movies according to your mood and timings. The chatbots and live chat assistance are the best examples of machine learning. Based on the answers feed and user’s question, it answers.

How are these technologies helpful in your business?

In eCommerce

To compete in an edge-to-edge competition, AI leverages every industry including e-commerce. Every eCommerce business owner can utilize AI and ML to improve their business performance as well as to improve their customer experience.

AI with its decision-making ability can recognize the customer’s interest based on which can suggest the products and services. The AI and ML software altogether will custom data, content, images, associated videos and information that can match people’s search. If you deal in the e-commerce sector, then, leveraging your customers with AI and ML services will add the higher order metrics to your business.

If you are a company of HR management and Recruitment

What if the machine and software will find the candidates for your company?

Imagine the scenario, you have hundreds of resume for different posts in your company. Being an HR management and recruitment firm, you receive the applications in bulk and at the same time you have to strain the applications based on the criteria specified the hiring companies, need to check the educational background and relevant experience. These all must take at least 5-7 minutes on an average of your time. Now you can calculate the total time for analyzing all the applications. How much hectic it would be?

But with AI and ML, you can feed your devices with the specific details of the post and related conditions so that it can match it with those specified in the resume. If finds relevant, it will forward the application to the next round of recruitment. Within a few minutes, you will get a filtered list of applications.


Cybersecurity has been an important issue all the time. Using AI in the cybersecurity allows the companies to record and check the data of the overall system in a while. The cybersecurity focuses on the person’s behaviour and identity to find any vulnerability or danger a person can cause to the system and its working.  With AI, the cameras and security devices can be programmed to track the person’s action and can detect the attacker’s penetration into the system based on the suspicious activities, thus, locking the system’s privacy.

AI with natural language Processing

With chatbots and live customer support, the companies and online service provider are now moving ahead to serve their valued customers with the voice assistance too. The AI is now getting blended with the language processing mechanisms that will create the voice as the human speaks and communicates with each other. With AR, VR, the machines will serve the online users as the human does and that too in prompt and quick.  

So, which technology should you implement in your business?

Both the technologies will take your business to the new level indeed. Depending on the type of your business and needs will give you the reason for choosing between the two. Serve your customers with the latest, quick, prompt and accurate services to make them your permanent ones.

For this software and mobile app development, chatbots and live customer interaction service are the need of every business nowadays. For every type of development, you should pick the right technology partner who could understand the latest technologies and how to implement it in your business to have the best and effective outcomes.

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