You surely have heard of Apple’s ibeacons, a technology which is giving goosebumps to the IT developers since 2013. A technology which is far more advanced than just tracking the location through GPS has now become the favorite topic to be talked on. Apple has carved its name in the technology with obviously a good fame and therefore any step taken ahead by Apple in the technical era sets a benchmark for the other existing technical organization. The app development companies are now following the path of Apple and therefore is in the process of implementing the beacon technology into their smart apps and software.

Well, if you know a bit more about the ibeacon technology, then, you surely know the popularity of ibeacon technology in retailing but let us tell you that this imperative technology is not limited to retail business rather helpful in other business areas also. Here we will be discussing the major areas where you could use beacon technology to reach your customers in a wider way. Hold yourself till the end to know the benefits.

But before we go at any deeper level, let us understand what this buzzing technology is-

Beacons are usually radio signals that are transmitted and received from/to the satellites for the communication. This technology is now being used in the smartphones to transmit and receive signal to/from Bluetooth and smart app in the device to broadcast the messages in the favor of business to the customers.

What is ibeacon then?

We guess, the grand Apple company has a copyright over the letter ‘i’ (just kidding) and therefore the letter is enough to show Apple’s involvement. Be it iPhone, iPad, iOS and similarly, ibeacon. The technology of working with beacon radio signals with Bluetooth devices is first introduced by the Apple.  

How does this work?

In beacon technology, the beacon device works as the transmitter and the Bluetooth compatible smart app in the user’s device as a receiver. The signals transmitted by the beacon device are Bluetooth radio signals (technically called as Bluetooth radio packets) that are received by the smart devices located in the aura of radio signal range.

What type of signals are broadcasted and how these are helpful to business?

Knowing the technical aspect, hope you would have been now clear about the beacon signals. But we know that you would be seeking the uses of these beacons in your business and surely want to know its usefulness.

So here it is

1.Shopping and retailing

Beacons can easily drive the customers passing by the shop or store. The customers usually have the online shopping app, may it be for clothes, accessories, footwear or anything. The beacon device transmits the signals displaying the message for their interests as discounts on apparels or newly arrived collection of accessories. The Bluetooth receiver at the user’s device will get this beacon signals and users will be notified through the app only.

2.Easier Tracking even in Restaurants

With beacon technology, tracking no doubt has become easier. You might be astonished to know that this technology can also be useful to the waiters even inside the restaurants by knowing the location of their customer’s tables and choices in the food menu. If the restaurant app will be laced with the beacon technology, the waiter can even get the details of the customers as their name, preference of their choice and therefore easily associate their food orders without going physically to every table. Wow!

This tracking facility can be adopted in any type of business. Be it be logistics, hospitals and medication and hotels.

3.Educational Search

For the young minds, the beacon laced app can be their helping hand. Most of the times, the students need to go to the research area for performing their experiments and this time, this beacon technology can beat their efforts of searching the required geographical locations. The transmitter in the beacon device would transmit the messages of the locations, their experimental kit or even the favourable time for performing the required experiment based on your activities on the app.  

4.Monuments App

Those who love to visit the historic places or want to explore the stories behind the historic monuments, the monuments app might be their friend and without it, they would not have been gone anywhere, we assume. Here, beacon technology can add more fun and adventure to their trip. What if they start getting notifications from their app when they are near to such architectural building. When they will pass by it, they can get a message like Humayun’s Tomb is here or one of the places of your wishlist is near to you. This can be possible with beacon signals technology.

People those interested in traveling and exploring the world would surely love this advanced monument apps.

There can other apps too which can be made compatible with beacon radio signals. This can include zoo app, where the visitors can know about their favorite animals and get a message like “monkeys are ready to have peanuts from you” or images or videos of a lion having his food. This will add more amusement to their trip.

Why adopting beacon technology is beneficial?


  • Beacons are more advanced than GPS tracking


beacons track accurate information of the location irrespective of the weak network as GPS requires strong Internet connectivity and network else fails to detect the location. Thus beacons prove themselves more helpful in detecting the location of the users and transmitting the messages to them promptly.


  • beacons do not require more energy


Compared to GPS, beacons signals consume less energy but serves more and reach to its radio aura.


Though we could assume that beacon technology can be limited to the range of Bluetooth but yet we can assure you that this will reach wider than NFC and other radio technologies. Since every mobile device and gadget come with Bluetooth technology then it will not be difficult to code the mobile apps to make it compatible with beacon technology. It’s not easy though.

For such latest and rapid technology, you need the skilled iOS and Android app developers who can understand the functioning as well as coding part of the app. Mvantage can take full charge of those skills.

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