The way you represent yourself makes the difference. As much concern the mobile app development process requires the same is required while launching the mobile app and take it on the floor among the users. It might be the time you have built the mobile app and ready to launch it or scheduling a relaunch after its update, all should be planned. Else it would cost not only your money but also your time and efforts.

Whether you are a small company, an entrepreneur or a large enterprise, there should be a planned strategy to reach the users and let your app familiar to them.

Let’s see what the plan should be like-

1.Recognize the audience

The main reason being the failure of the launch is that mobile app does not hold the potential to attract the audience and therefore could not make a place in the user’s smartphones. Therefore before being a flurry, you should know your audience. Have your research team who can take a proper survey on the market trends, user’s behavior and the competitor’s product and approaches so that you can know how to act differently from existing market patterns. Know your target audience before launching, check whether your mobile app is laced with the demands and requirements of your targeted audience or not. If it is not, then, don’t launch it, it would not make the users happy.

2.Outline your Position

FYI…There are around 2.2 million apps available to the users in the App store and adding your app will not make any difference until and unless you have any unique feature. After accomplishing the market research, outline the specifications that your mobile app has other than the available in the App store. Mark the positive and negative points of your app and make a Unique Value Proposition for your app. The proposition defines how you are different from the existing ones. Choose the enticing line revealing the strength of your app.

3.Promote the Content

Once you are ready with your mobile app, now make a list of every feature of the app and start promoting it everywhere. Put fuel in your marketing team and start the promotion everywhere on the social media platforms, through words of mouth and through email and messages to the people. As far as your content will reach, more will your app popular. A bonus tip here is to keep your content social media friendly and stuffed with the right words and right pitch that can allure people towards you.  Time to time posting will make your app more visible on the people’s search.

4.Develop a press kit

It’s good that you are promoting the content on every possible social media platform but to make your launching hotter, you can take help of the press and media. Reach the journalists and bloggers and ask them to give their words on your products to be launched. The more hype you will create more will be interesting for the users. Ask them to include creative graphics, posts, a generic but enticing description of your mobile app, redirecting links to your website or App store and contact and feedback information to reach you directly. The press words create more impact on the readers.

5.Advertise on play store

With all efforts, you are successful to bring the users to the play store section to hit the download/install button, but this does not certain the retention. On the play store, users read the few lines describing your app and these lines turn into the deciding lines whether the user will click it or not. Therefore, these lines should be powerful enough to make the viewers into users of your mobile app. You should mention the specific features along with the unique creation and innovation your mobile app has that make it different from others.

Finally, Launch the Mobile App

With the right research of market trends and user’s behavior, you are now all set to launch your mobile on the floor. After your mobile app development team, make your marketing team ready. The launching phase is a critical phase and you cannot afford a single misleading information or promotion that in place of attracting may repel the downloaders.

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Harshit Khandelwal

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