For the smartphone users, there is a myriad of mobile apps available in the play stores (for both Androids and iPhones) to download, but only a few of them get popular. Sooner or later rest all lose the affection and people usually delete them without thinking twice. A study reveals the nature of the mobile users and states that there are 80-90% of chances that users delete the mobile apps just after they use it for the first time.

Recognizing this, every online business owner is getting bothered whose business solely depends on the mobile apps. When users will delete their mobile app, how would they going to earn in their business and therefore they are exploring the reasons behind people deleting the mobile apps.

To be concerned, we too get a step ahead to know the reasons for mobile app deletion and what do the people want in the mobile apps so that they can keep it in their smartphones for a long time.

We have found the following reasons:

  • Meagre in Proper UX Design: An attracting UX design is what the people demand. The design people find eye-catchy and friendly is the key to bind the users. Any disrupting image or poor design may lack in attracting the users and in case they download such app, they can uninstall it immediately.
  • Poor UI: The user interface is highly responsive to make an app popular among the users. The proper navigation of the mobile app is important. While accessing the app, if users do not feel comfortable or find it cumbersome in fetching the content or navigating the app pages, there are more chances they will uninstall it even just they have used it for one time.
  • App Crashing due to technical reasons: Another main reason we find for mobile app deleting is the technical issues that result in the mobile app crashing. The sudden app crash violates the charm and enthusiasm of the people accessing the mobile app. Slowing down of mobile app while fetching the information or connecting it with wifi or internet if causes trouble, the users do not like it. They would delete it in the very next second.
  • Battery Consuming: It wouldn’t be wrong to say that if you would offer a mobile charger to the mobile users they would get happier rather offering them snacks, just kidding! But it is true that the apps that consume more battery of their device will no longer remain on their smartphones.
  • Registration Page is asking too much information: Users get irritated when they have a long page of information to fill about them without any relevance to mobile app use. Asking for more personal information from the user may detach them thereby resulting into app deletion without going ahead. Basic information about the user can be tolerable as it is required while online shopping but everything has its limit.
  • Insufficient Content: Most of the time, users do not find the specific and relevant information on the app for which it is meant to be. For instance, in a health app, people may be finding the remedies and cure page for various diseases or for any specific diseases but they couldn’t get in your app. This may lead to deleting the app. The calorie counting app or location finding the app when lacks in revealing the correct information get deleted sooner or later.
  • In-app purchases: The strange reason that came responsible for mobile app deleting is the inclusion of in-app purchases add people see while accessing it. Users while playing their favourite game on the mobile or binge-watching videos when see such interrupting ads feel annoying and after the tolerable limit they click on uninstall button.

What should you do?

  1. If you want your app to be popular and more usable among mobile users, you should focus on various factors to make the app engaging. Here are a few basic suggestions to improve the performance and popularity of the app.
  2. Make a simple UI and UX design.
  3. Before launching on the floor, test it for every technical issue and resolve them.
  4. Battery health is an important parameter that decides the future of the mobile app. Your app should not consume more battery of the device and if possible need to run in the background. Read more to know how to make a battery friendly app in battery draining// Issues & Solutions.
  5. Ask the relevant information only. People don’t like to share their personal information redundantly for every access.
  6. Keep the content vast but specific and engaging for the readers and users.
  7. The mobile app should be speedy in fetching the data from the database and server.
  8. Also, the mobile app should be quick in connecting it to the wifi and internet.
  9. Though in-app purchases are the source of income for you yet you need to be specific in allowing the ads within your app.


Nowadays mobile apps have become an important tool to fight in online business wars. Building a mobile app is simple and easy but building the engaging and attractive mobile app that can take home in every smartphone is quite difficult but not impossible. You just need to consider every feature a user demands and ask your mobile app development team to carve them into mobile app efficiently.

There are plenty of apps available today. Being an entrepreneur you can make a creative app and earn money from it. Having an illuminating idea is good but giving it a real shape will make you different. Build an attracting mobile app for iPhone as well as Android users.

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