Perfect Mobile Application for satisfying midnight hunger.


Android Application

iOS Application

Problem Statement

There are millions of option if you want food during the day, evening or late evening time. But what if, if you are in hunger at midnight and want a delicious food?

What did we do?

It was one of the both easiest and toughest thing to crack. Easiest in terms of UX and execution of the idea and tough in terms of market research finding the viability of the product. As a technology partner, our main focus was to get the success on this wonderful idea. We interviewed 200+ people who loved the nightlife and like to be awake very late, apply their feedback and build the web & Android, iOS based mobile application.


Result of it, the mobile app gets 1000+ downloads in the first week itself. People are loving it and it is one of the popular app now to order and get the delicious food at midnight.